Don’t be trapped by dogma. When someone says “you’ve changed,” it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way.

Losing Sight Of Who You Are

Dogma means living by someone else’s beliefs or thinking.  Relationships can get this way. Sometimes we feel as though in order to be loved by someone, we must change our ways – even if only by a little.  Over time, however, we begin to lose sight of who we really are.  Then, when many years pass by, we wonder why we are so confused and uncertain about what we want out of life and feel a lack in joy.

Escape the Chains of Social Norms

Escape the chains of following the social norms and listening to what the majority say. Do your own thing. Stay focused on your vision. You’ve got it right!  You don’t need anyone’s approval. You will change, for sure. People will notice this. It will scare them to death, or they will get on board with you. You’ve changed because you’ve evolved. You have stopped being complacent. You’ve stopped pleasing others.  Perhaps you’ve changed because you realize that life is too short to live someone else’s life.  Whatever the reason, when someone says that you have changed, take it as a complement. I certainly would! That’s what we’re are supposed to do.

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