During the process of healing past memories and emotions of abuse, we may encounter the feelings of defeat. This is normal for anyone taking on such a big task. As you move through many of the same feelings from the past when you are healing, you sometimes need to put on the battle gear to reach self-love.

The Competition Begins

Feelings of defeat arise when you think you’ve lost the game. Your experience of healing is getting tough because now you have competition. There is competition between past memories and somatic responses that want to win because they’ve been holding ground for some time now, and your desire to let it go. The battle between the two is part of the healing process. You are now challenging what is happening inside of you.  In the battle ground, you focus and challenge the thoughts and emotions of the past that hold you back. This is why you need to talk about some difficult and emotional issues. You need to hit them head on and tear them apart so you can see where your thoughts of distortion (about self) began.

Conquer The Demons

Conquer those feelings of defeat, those demons, that want to keep you down. Rise above them. It’s easier to quit; it takes faith to go through. You are worth every effort. Rekindle with your untamed spirit. You have the ability to move beyond that dread, anxiety, nausea, and faint feeling.  During the process of healing, and as you overcome the many defeats, you will begin to show self-love.

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