Building momentum is key to getting anything done, but also to stay in the flow of things. Have you ever started a project only to let it fall by the wayside and be forgotten about? Sometimes we want to give up too soon after we begin a project or maybe even when we begin the healing process.  Initially, the idea or plan sounds and feels great, but then it comes time to put the work, called effort, in and everything goes into the deep end. Just like it takes work and time to plan a vacation, it takes effort to plan your life.  Planning plus movement, otherwise known as taking action, gives you results. 

Boulder Analogy

I like to use metaphors and analogies to explain things. When there is a comparison, it makes it easier to remember or visualize. Imagine pushing a boulder up hill.  To get started, you need an extraordinary amount of effort and focus which typically can feel exhausting and perhaps even worthless. You can hear your inner critic standing on your shoulder saying “why did you bother with such a stupid idea?”  Ignore the inner critic and keep moving forward because once you get started and persist in your actions, you will begin to see that this boulder starts to move.  When this boulder begins to move, all you need to do is keep up the momentum that you started to ensure that change or movement continue to occur.

Exercise Analogy

It’s the same as exercising. The first 5 to 10 minutes, as many of us know, is the hardest because your body hasn’t taken in the amount of oxygen needed to move the body faster or to work the muscles. This is where you feel like giving up. If you keep moving, eventually, the oxygen you need will catch up to the energy you use.


So how strong is your desire and commitment? If you want anything in life, you need to establish movement. Success without momentum will not happen. Just as you would plan a vacation, go to college, or buy a car or home, it takes research, doesn’t it. So does success – however you define it.

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