What are you putting off to tomorrow that can be done today? I know you’ve been asked this question many times over, and, I can hear your voice echoing, “yeh, yeh, yeh, but…”¬†Nevertheless, I’m trying to be forthright here. When will you do the things you really want to do today rather than put them off to tomorrow?

The Great List of Why You Can’t Do It

  • When the kid(s) graduate.
  • When I lose 30 pounds.
  • When I’m retired.
  • When I feel better.
  • When the snow melts.
  • When the snow falls.
  • When I finish my undergraduate degree.
  • When I get certified.
  • When I meet the right coach.
  • When I have enough money.
  • When I move back home.
  • When I leave my relationship.
  • When . . . will it be your time?

Time For Self-Reflection

I don’t know why you are putting off to tomorrow from doing the things you want to do today. Perhaps, you don’t even know yourself. If that’s the case, then this may be the time to start with self-reflection and then proceed to hire a coach; any coach to get you going. What’s imperative to remember is that time is never forgiving. It moves even when you don’t want to.


You have a choice. You can choose to be restrained by your excuses, which you undoubtedly feel that you cannot change, or you can begin the process of uncovering why you have them and move beyond them. As well, many of us don’t even know we’re stuck in limiting beliefs. We genuinely feel that we are making conscious choices independent of any influences. I beg to differ. Our choices never exist in a vacuum. Our decision-process is always influenced by something or someone. Are you ready to find out what is keeping you stuck?

You Suffer When You’re Stuck

Putting of to tomorrow is only going to give you more suffering. You dream of a better or different life, but feel that nothing can change. I’m telling you it can! Make a choice to move passed suffering and into a life of wellness.

The Great List of What You Can Do

What are you putting off to tomorrow that you can begin doing today?

  • Telling your son or daughter that you love them.
  • Giving your children a hug, support and encouragement, rather than advice and tall tales.
  • Changing career directions.
  • Changing your undergraduate degree.
  • Ending a relationship.
  • Talking straight in a relationship.
  • Resolving past traumatic emotions.
  • Traveling the world.
  • Donating your time.
  • Losing 10 pounds.
  • Giving up sugar.
  • Giving up smoking.
  • Hiring a coach.
  • Healing abusive memories.
  • Learning to express yourself in a healthy way.

Take the reins. Don’t let excuses or limiting beliefs keep you back. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got. To get what you never had, you must do what you never did.

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  • Thank you for this posting. My soul and mind resonate with its messages. I am still in the process of healing from this. I feel stronger and more empowered each time I am led to writings like this. I appreciate your gift.


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