To stop feeding your fears, you must face them.  Until the fear is confronted, the fear that holds you back will continue to live within you.  You may believe that you can hide the fear, sweep it under the rug, or shove it into a closet or basement somewhere never to be seen again.  In this case, you’re only burying it temporarily.  The fear is still hiding and lurking within you.  Sooner or later it will resurface.  It will come back!

Treat Your Fears With Respect

So stop feeding your fears.  Shine the light onto them.  Look at the fear head on, one by one.  Don’t condemn or judge the fear. You just create more resistance by doing this. Treat your fears with love, respect and kindness because, in the end, they are you. They are real to you! It doesn’t matter if they are not real to others!  If you condemn and judge your fears, you condemn and judge yourself. You put yourself down.  Then you begin to lose respect for yourself, you lower your confidence, you judge yourself more, and your self-esteem plummets.

Love your fears; they are part of you. It’s okay. Everyone has fears! Don’t try to push them in the corner. You still love your child or best friend whether you agree with them or not, right?  You try to console them and get them to look at another perspective. You try to understand them.  You confront your fear with love.  You look at it, observe it, question it, and then ask where it came from all with the power of love, not with the power of resentment, anger, ridicule and condemnation.

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