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“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”


Too many women are oppressed and shamed into what they should do and who they should be. Especially, when they grow into their feminine power, become bold and assertive, and voice their truth, societies patriarchal standards try to suppress them. Women then settle for something less. No doubt, they get comfortably numb, but this leaves them feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and even hopeless.

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I help women discover how to take back their life to reclaim their destiny and gain confidence and peace of mind.  Are you struggling with your self-concept – those negative beliefs that keep you stuck, anxious, and uncertain about whether you’re good enough. Mid-life is here or soon approaching, are you feeling lost, confused, and disconnected from others, yourself, or life. Are you asking yourself where your vitality is? What the heck is life really all about?

I help professional women

  • access their personal power
  • clarify their purpose
  • overcome barriers
  • learn to embrace their wholeness (both light and dark sides)
  • align with what’s important to them
  • build internal strength and confidence
  • reclaim self-love

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Are you feeling panicked that life is quickly passing you by? As your Personal Awareness and Life Coach and Mental Wellness Expert, I create a safe space that encourages you to redesign your way of showing up in the world, so that you can discover and share your unique talents and gifts with others.

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“So many words resonate with me. I feel a sense of relief . . . that I tapped into something wondrous. Here is someone who can understand others, see beyond the chaos of emotions and make sense of the human condition . . . She is a ‘human’ angel.” -Surinder B., Vancouver, BC, Insurance Manager

“Desiree is a highly intuitive and compassionate coach. She’s lived through tough times herself and knows that the process of healing is not always easy or fun. Like me, she is a straight shooter and her honesty and authentic spirit shine through everything she does. Desiree is creative in her approach to her work, and she has a great sense of humour too. I can’t recommend her enough.” -Valerie G., Vancouver, BC, Writer, Editor, Film Critic, Digital Content Strategist, Educator

“I had been looking for a coach that would help me not only in my business and entrepreneurial path but with a spiritual background and holistic approach to success and Desiree is really fantastic. She is very thoughtful and creative to help assist me in my goals, my emotions, and my grounding in order to succeed and feel balanced along the way. Highly recommended!” -Lisa O., Mexico, Owner-Sun-Kissed Living

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For years, I’ve lived beneath the shadows of developmental trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. With that, I went on to suffer from several self-destructive behaviors (e.g., eating disorders, alcohol and drugs, reckless driving, anxiety and depression, dissociation, suicide ideation) forever trying to hide myself out of shame, self-blame, and self-loathing. I had no sense of worth, self-identity, or belonging.


All of that began to change when I was divinely inspired to do something about my behavior. I found the courage and commitment to walk along the path to healing. With awareness and letting go, I was able to emerge into a sense of dignity and self-love.

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As I proved to myself, it’s never too late to escape the legacy of abuse and trauma and change your life for good! From a teenage couch surfer and high-school drop out, I am now almost finished graduate studies. I trained with three accredited coach training programs, certified as a life-skills counselor, finished a yoga teacher training program, an associate degree in psychology, an undergraduate science degree in nursing, and a metaphysical ministerial and philosophy degree.

With that, I provide a broad range of healing modalities for mental strength, emotional blocks, and physical health.


“Healing Worthlessness: Coming Into Self-Love as a Trauma Survivor”, a book about complex trauma disorder, recovery, the oppression of women under patriarchy, and the social and cultural reasons why society at large often suppresses and denies stories of abuse, will be launched in the fall of 2020!

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Why I Became a Life Coach

I became a life coach, first, because I wanted to become a better mom; to actively engage, collaborate, and listen to my children and to learn how to inspire them by asking good questions. As I worked with several coaches and through the coaching programs, life coaching positively impacted me, and my  journey to healing began. I, also, came to realize that I couldn’t have healthy relationships if I didn’t heal the residuals of the developmental trauma I had experienced from my past. I had to overcome my sense of worthlessness and self-loathing to rediscover my Self and to emerge into self-love. And, so I did!

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