Advocacy: Stand Up for Something

What Does Advocacy Mean?
What does advocacy mean? I’m not sure if everyone knows what advocacy means because we rarely use the word, but it is simply public support for a cause or policy; it is about supporting something you believe in. In my opinion, when you advocate for something, it gives you greater purpose in life. Take for instance, advocating for abused animals. You work. You have a family. You are busy with life doing things. We all are, but when you put your heart and soul into something that you support – such as advocating for animal rights, for example – you not only create a greater sense of purpose to your life because you are helping these dependent and powerless animals, but you contribute in such a significant way for society whether in your community, province or state, or nation. You also set an amazing example for others to get out there and support a cause – to advocate for something.
Ways to Advocate
I understand that maybe you are the type that would rather advocate for a cause by giving financial donations. That too is generous and great! I advocate for various causes: food for the food bank, clothing and household items to the Salvation Army, financial donations for Children’s Hospital and the SPCA, my time at a soup kitchen, and, most recently, to the B.C. Wildfires. I also strongly advocate for student rights, women’s rights, and mental health more so by speaking and writing about it. Advocacy can be done in various ways. What suits you the best?
You’ll Fall for Anything If You Stand for Nothing
I like the old adage “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” When you have strong evidence on real issues that effect society, nationally or globally, you know what you are fighting for and it is easy to stay firm to what you advocate. However, if you are living life blindly or in a haze about the real issues of life – for example war and poverty – you will fall for whatever is publicized or verbally stated by others.  So get out there and advocate for a cause with your time, your ideas, your items, your voice, your stories, or your finances. Do something to support your community!

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