Feeling Depressed in 2020? You Have Permission to Show Your Messiness

When we went into the messes of the pandemic in March, remaining positive and optimistic about our outlook was still possible. We didn’t know what we were heading into. Many of us were hopeful, introspective, and planning on coming out of this better than when we started. But then spring turned into summer, and summer into fall, and here we are still in the throws of things. Not only with a pandemic that seemed hopeful with declining cases during the “early” summer months, but a resurgence in cases heading into the fall, wild fires across the West, wildfire smoke and particles covering most of Western North America (Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California), hurricanes in the South and South East of the US, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Throw Out the Business-As-Usual Mentality

It’s absolutely impossible to keep the “business-as-usual” mentality. It’s not about being a Debbie-Downer, but it is about embracing the roller-coaster that’s playing out in full tilt in 2020. The fall hasn’t even started with the annual influenza death rates, and I’m wondering how this will play out come December and January. But to try to keep the business-as-usual mentality seems almost like insanity. 2020 seems to be asking us to take a step back to reevaluate things, not to “push” through “as usual.”

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Struggles With Health Issues

I’ve had asthma since I was 13, and breathing is not always easy during allergy seasons, cold and flu season, and cold or humid weather, and now with the smoke particles added to COVID-19, I wonder what the hell the meaning is behind all of this. Is there really a meaning as we tend to think when it comes to spiritual consciousness? Who’s going to struggle the most during this mess? And then we have the anti-coronavirus protests and the belief of the conspirators which just makes matters worse with increased emotional tensions. When fear and uncertainty rise, people lash out because they’re scared. I get that, but there’s a lot of people that are instigators as well and it’s both sad and pathetic to see them take advantage of others.

Keeping it Together

In any event, how’s your mental health with all of this chaos, upheaval, and wild and erratic behavior? Even though you’re doing your best to keep yourself afloat, it doesn’t mean that you won’t emotionally and mentally break down. We’re not robots! We’re human beings that have emotions and our emotions are meant to be expressed. Without expressing them, we create so much internal stress which causes further mental and emotional problems and eventually physical health issues. As well, without them we wouldn’t be able to navigate through life. We wouldn’t be able to know what love, joy, or hope feels like. Maybe someone just has to give you permission to be okay with being down. We are so socially conditioned to be a certain way – fixed, proper, and put-together, and even when someone lashes out, we are expected to be 100% emotionally intelligent with it all. It’s mad to think that way, though. We get tired and we break . . . and, it’s okay to show your messiness.

All we need is an asteroid or a major earthquake to add to the mess that we have on this planet, but I don’t want to jinks things because it seems like 2020 is capable of anything. Is this mother nature telling us that we are small-fries compared to her ways? The planet will survive without us. We should remember that we are visitors.

Regardless, if you are struggling, know that you are a part of many of us. You are not alone. It may seem and feel that way since we are trying to keep our distance from one other, but you are a part of all of us dealing with the same thing. Express yourself. It is a time of release.

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