How to Thrive in Challenging Times

Last week was a challenging week for me, and it seemed to be that way for many people I talked to.

We have the ongoing threat of the COVID second wave, worries of more illness, death, and disruptive lockdowns, add the political uncertainties, and then we get the . . . smoke. I could feel myself getting angry and at times slipping into overwhelm and despair.

All Emotions Came Tumbling Down

I did it all. I cried, yelled out profanities, prayed, laughed hysterically, and, eventually, with some time, said that this too shall pass . . . at some point!

But really. How do we get through this when there doesn’t seem to be an end? When I go to the gym and do rigorous exercise, I, most times, hate it, but I know there is an end. When I went to university and things got tough, I kept telling myself that there was an end. I will graduate at some point. Things do not last forever. I get it and you get it, but how do we deal with it in the moment. There’s a turning point at some point. However, with our global state right now, if feels like there isn’t an end (at least for now), so what do you do?

How Can I Manage Such Extraordinary Moments?

I started to think how I could manage these extraordinary moments. How can I turn these erratic emotions or my ups-and-downs into hope so that I could thrive. This is what came up.


When you need to gain control of a situation, the first step is to become aware. Step back. See the big picture and see yourself in it. When you are caught up in what’s happening, all you can do is react. Becoming aware allows you to make conscious choices.

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What you focus on increases

When you put your attention onto something, you attract more of it. Don’t get caught up in watching the news. The news is masterful at sucking you into a dark tunnel of worry and doubt.

Create structure to support your mental health

You know what is good for your mental health. The challenge is to do what you know; to follow the path that will support your well-being.

Pay attention to your environment

When things around you turn negative, your mood gets dragged down. Avoid negative environments and conversations for the sake of your own mental health.

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Practice gratitude

Focus on the amazing gifts, circumstances, and opportunities in your life. You can always find abundance and goodness somewhere. Practice writing down 3 to 5 things you are grateful for each day.

Nurture your soul

In order to thrive we must take care of our mind, body, and soul. Spend time in nature. Sit silently and observe what’s around you. Take in the fresh air. Recall good memories. Allow them to make you smile. Explore new thoughts that inspire you.

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