Life coaching is a form of personal development and growth in which a coach supports and empowers others to achieve a specific personal or professional goal.  You can find this basic definition in most coaching books and websites, but how does the coach really support an individual?

We Are Not Perfect

The majority of us believe that we are good at motivating and disciplining ourselves enough to achieve our goals. The fact is, many of us need some support at some point in our lives and in some area to give us a kick-start – to hold us accountable and to challenge our beliefs and behaviors – to attain our goals. At the same time, many of us lead our lives through unconscious beliefs, values, and principles. As a result, we, typically, base our choices around these unconscious thoughts and beliefs and we’re not even aware that we do. The point is, we are not perfect. We all do this.

Human beings need understanding, support, and lots of encouragement to thrive. We can’t do it alone!

Life Coaching Goals

Life coaching goals can be in the field of health such as nutrition and fitness, finance, career and business, relationships, parenting, stress reduction, happiness, dream building, or academics, for example.  In these areas, a good coach creates awareness. . . holds you accountable, inspires you, and challenges you to be your best you.

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People Not Seen As Coaches

Most likely, there are people around you that have been life coaching you and you probably don’t even realize it. When you were a teen or a young adult, your parents most likely held you accountable to homework and curfews. If you’re an academic student, your teacher, most likely, maybe your parents, or a mentor held you accountable. I know my weaknesses, and there are certain things in my life that I need someone to hold me accountable to get things done.  Staying on a regular fitness regime is one of them. I hire a coach when I had enough.

Have you had enough? Are you feeling stuck or fresh out of ideas?

Coaching is objective. With that, coaches see things that you may not see because you are too close to the picture. Coaches point out things that you may not want to acknowledge or face. Coaches support and encourage, but we also challenge and push.

Could You Use A Life Coach?

Don’t put your life off to tomorrow.  Are you ready to shake up your life and get some life coaching so that you can accelerate, become empowered, and life a life you’ve been day dreaming of? You can’t tell me that you’re happy with mundane and complacency! None of us are. We are simply afraid of the unknown, and what is possible.

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