How many times a day do you bash yourself with your negative self talk? Today just seemed like a tough day all-around.  It’s not that the day itself was difficult in meeting challenging people or having a jam-packed agenda. What made is so rough was realizing how hard I can be on myself – my negative self-talk.  How my expectations of myself can be through the roof, but they only leave me, most times, especially when I don’t reach them, down in the dumps.  I have time-and-again told my closest friends that I don’t need anyone bashing me to the ground; I do a great job myself.

Ignoring My Gut Feelings

My instincts said to do one thing on the computer, but I over-ruled my intuition, only to find myself in a predicament – in a situation I didn’t want.  I was down and frustrated without really knowing why, at first, until I did some reflecting. With reflection, I came to realize that I was actually pissed at myself because  I knew it was my fault; I made another fucking bad choice! I overruled my gut, AGAIN! And, because I didn’t listen, I quickly started the negative self-talk.

How Rude Is Your Self Talk?

It floors me to see how ruthless and nasty I can be to myself when I stop and pay attention. I would NEVER treat another person as I do myself when I get to this point, and, yet, I am the one that has to live with myself! Once I finish bashing, you can only imaging where my self-esteem goes? What’s also significant to remember is that negative self-talk can keep you in a place of fear, but it can also get you to take action. I know it can work both ways form me, depending on the circumstances. So it’s important to check with yourself to see how your negative self-talk affects you. Anyway, in the end, I will now say to the committee that meets inside my head to sit down and shut up.

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