There are new beginnings all around us. When I wake up in the morning and hear my breathe, once again, and see the surroundings of my bedroom, to me, this represents a new beginning. When I make a pot of coffee and watch the water dripping from the peculator, this is a new beginning.  It is not the same coffee I sipped on yesterday; it’s not the same water I drank yesterday. The representations, I share, may mean nothing to someone else, but, in my mind, I can see new beginnings all around me, and I am in gratitude!

New Beginnings All Around Us

“I wake up, therefore I am grateful,” are words I whisper every morning. How could I not be? I have another chance to change for the better. I have another chance to help someone else.  I have one more day to do something different that could impact many others. I could breath more life into people seeking it. I can inspire one more person. How could I not be in gratitude? Knowing this gets me out of my head and into my heart! I have a choice. I can carry my abusive past with me and into the future, or I can stay present and start anew? Some days, I need to make a point to drop my baggage to get into my presence, but when I do that, I move into service and creativity rather than in redundancy.

Be Receptive

Be receptive to the new beginnings. Every day you can create a space to open up to new possibilities. Close your eyes to the old and open your heart to the new.  Every story has an end, but every end has a new beginning.

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