Step away from the one’s that hurt you. Steven Aichison stated, “When you have fought so hard to get back on your feet, don’t ever go back to the people who knocked you down.” Can you relate to this?

When Do You Finally Say No?

I definitely relate to Steven’s statement about walking away from the people that hurt you or cause you pain. For much of my life, I was the one that would try to mend hurtful relationship because I am the type of person that believes in others; I believe others can change, no matter what. I give them more than enough chances to prove themselves better when they’ve done wrong or hurtful things. My weakness is giving them too many chances to the point that I am used up and abused. When is it time to finally say no?

Threshold of Pain Tolerance

Everyone has a different threshold of pain or suffering. What is your upper limit of hurt? Mine can be way too far up there where I begin to lose respect for myself. It could be because of my accepting character, but it could also be because of the abuse and neglect I endured during childhood. I know, one thing for sure, that I must stay consciously aware of what I tolerate and stay tuned in to my emotions to gauge what I need to do.

4 Steps to Learning Self-Love

How can you learn to deeply appreciate yourself so that you can walk away from others that hurt you? (1) If you haven’t done your healing work, that’s the first place to begin. (2) After that, you must stay connected with your self. Gauge this by your feelings; they are informational and letting you know something. Go into silence and hear them out; understand what they are saying. (3) Check in with your beliefs and critically analyze them. Who’s are they? Where did you pick them up? Are they correct?  (4) Distinguish between the voice of the ego and your inner – intuitive – voice. Learn to recognize the difference through mindfulness and meditation.

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