Self-care to Take Care of Your Energy

Just a reminder to let you know how frigging amazing you are and don’t you forget that, because us over-givers tend to do that – forget that we are amazing and we do amazing things.

Most women are nurturers and caregivers by nature. We love to give. We support and encourage. We love to make others happy. Yet, sometimes, many times, we over-give to the point of exhaustion or resentment. We sacrifice our own happiness and even our health and well-being without even realizing it; sometimes until we are laid up in bed or hindered by a chronic illness.

On the flip-side, as nurturers, we have a unique ability to make the world a better place for everyone to live. We empathize and inspire. We understand. We are intuitive by nature. Nevertheless, there are times when we need to schedule time-outs to do some self-care and nurture ourselves.

Foster self-care. Give yourself the energy you need to continue to be a strong, healthy, vibrant, nurturer, connector, teacher, warrior, lover, and/or a leader. You are contributing to your higher purpose through your greatest self so take responsibility for your energy. Nurture yourself before you nurture others so you can stay strong and enduring. If you don’t, you’ll simply become depleted and you won’t be of use to anyone, even yourself.

Remember that you are amazing, but, first, foster daily self-care to be your strong self.

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In gratitude. xo

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