Do you remember your untamed spirit?  The one you were born with. If we only looked at life as a blank artists palette, or a child’s playground, ready to be created by our heart and imagination, perhaps we would not tug, pull, or hang on to the things that are not really ours.

Unleash the Burden of the Past

Life’s traumas, like sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, or growing up watching domestic violence, will try to restrain us and kill our spirit. The memories will try to keep us down in a life of darkness, but you’re better than that. You have the ability to surpass these horrors. If I can do it, you can too! Make the effort and take the time to heal and learn the skills to manage your emotions – all that reactive crap that keeps us busy within our minds. With time and the support of others you can uncover true happiness.  When we are able to do this, life opens up to us: to our potential and purpose, like a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond becoming that exquisite beauty it is. You are then free to roam without a cage;  free to dance with life; free to live with abandon; and, free to be an untamed spirit.

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